Our company specializes in auto detailing & premium car wash services as well as providing automotive paint restoration for customers in Bellevue, Seattle, Lynwood and the surrounding region. We stand apart due to our focus on innovation, convenience & eco-friendly practices. To prove that let us explain a bit more about our wash method. In our quest for innovation we discovered that we are able to wash a car with steam, which produces zero-waste water and only uses 1 gallon of water. This is at least 50x’s less than traditional wash methods! Through our proven method we are able to safely remove dirt, grime, and tar without harming a vehicle’s paint. Furthermore with our steam cleaning process we can also deodorize and disinfect the interior of a vehicle.

Our vision is to change the way people wash their vehicles, so the method in which we wash and detail was our first task to take on. We wanted an innovative way that saved tons of water, produced brilliant results and was state of the art.
Steam! It was a method used for decades in the industrial cleaning industry but new for car washing. Our operational costs are higher but our conscious better since the environmental benefits are tremendous.

As we’ve gone along we’ve continually tested and tried out new methods, looking for ways to save more water or replace chemicals with eco-friendly products.


At Eco Car Cafe we seek to serve our customers with unprecedented service. This isn’t only found in exceptional car cleaning but extends to serving our clients with friendly, attentive and excellent service. Interested in Wow’ing customers? Let us know!


Attention to detail is a must in detailing. This includes our auto detail technicians while extending to our administrators. We pride ourselves in meticulous details to make sure that every customer receives the highest standard of service. If you operate in excellence, we’ve got a spot for you!


Our highly trained staff has the ability to more than wash your car. Our clean cut and sharp crews are there to deliver results that exceed. We offer in house training even if you have no prior work experience. Think you’re the right person for the job? Fill out an application!


Steam cleaning has been used for industrial businesses for decades due to its efficient cleaning and sterilizing power.  Services like carpet and upholstery cleaning have also commonly used steam, because it easily dissolves and extracts residue from any surface or material with out any damage.  Auto detailers also have commonly used steam vacuums in order to clean seats and floor mats but these machines are limited to that primary function.  Only until recently have machines been developed to fulfill this need for a mobile, eco-friendly, water saving and sanitizing car wash method.


Steam car washing is an innovative concept that has been welcomed by earlier adaptors in many parts of the world; Europe, UK, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Japan and many cities throughout these regions.  Thanks to its eco-friendliness, effectiveness and ability to conserve water, this method has been adopted by a few North American cities with strict environmental standards including;  Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  We are excited about bringing this cutting edge service locally to Seattle, a city who prides itself in conservation and environmentally friendly practices!


Steam gets you 100% hand wash results yet saves the most water than any other water method. (‘waterless’ car washes use even less liquid, averaging 8-12 oz of solution, but are in a different category).

Superior to a tunnel car wash:
– drive-through washes reclaim the 100’s of gallons used, however tremendous waste occurs despite re-use
– spinning brushes can easily cause damage to mirrors, antennas + aftermarket parts
– quality will never compare to a hand car wash, cleaning wheels, intricate + hard to reach areas

Superior to a pressure washer:
– save’s up to 50x’s more water
– steam can be used to sanitize and clean the interior of the car
– heated steam can loosen grime like tar, bugs and sap without aid of chemicals


We use steam to entirely clean the car. Steam is one of the most environmentally safe way to remove stains, grime, and dirt without damaging your paint job.  It also disinfects and deodorizes interiors without having to use harsh chemicals.  It also utilizes 50x’s less water than traditional car wash methods, only requiring 1 gallon of water to wash a car.


Innovation is our passion. By using current technologies we are able to produce more efficient & eco-friendly results. We are constantly looking for ways to challenge the norm in order to provide progressive, convenient and eco-friendly solutions for our customers. Among those we are committed to paperless billing and drastic water saving devices.

We take responsibility to our community and stewardship of shared resources. We conserve water, we also recycle! Need a receipt or invoice? We’d be happy to provide you one via email or text message. We employ paper-less billing because we want to help cut back on unnecessary usage of paper products.

We are not satisfied with just good enough. We have set out to build a great company, focused on changing the industry. That is why our vision is to be the most innovative car care company around. We want our methods, services and products to challenge the status quo. We believe it’s a better and more fulfilling way to do business.
Our goal is to create a meaningful and enriching experience for every customer. The risk is we might have created some high maintenance customers, but that is one we are willing to take. We want our service, interaction and demeanor to be spirited and uplifting!

Using innovative means we are able to create an experience that:
1) is technology enriched
2) provides better service
3) creates a friendly and fun atmosphere.



Keeping your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor means following a system for cleaning:

  1. Washing
  2. Cleaning
  3. Polishing
  4. Waxing

At each stage, use products that are made for the job. This will prevent harm to its surface.


This first step is the most critical one, obviously, and gets rid of contaminants and loose particles that accumulate with time. They can leave a residue of grit that leads to tiny scratches.

Remove them using a product made specifically for washing cars. You want pH balanced products, which means they are able to get rid of grit and contaminants and still not strip off wax.

Never use dish or laundry soap or other types of household cleansers. These are made for getting rid of and dissolving grease, oil and grime. In the process, they can strip off wax on your car and even damage its finish.

When you clean the car using one of these products, do a complete job, moving from the roof to the tires.

The best applicator is lamb’s wool or microfiber, and a mitt is the easiest method. Detailers use these because the nap on the wool or the microfiber picks up dirt and draws it away from the paint.

Be sure to put the mitt back into the bucket of water after you work on each panel. This way, your mitt is clean and you are using fresh suds on your car.

Convertible tops require special handling. Put a brush with soft bristles in the soapy water, then use it to work out the grime. Use small strokes in a circular motion on the grain. Deep-in dirt or stains require a cleaner made specifically for convertible tops.

Make sure the one you choose is pH-balanced so it won’t damage the stitching. They are made to lift grime and dirt from the cloth and vinyl on these tops without causing harm to the surface.

Then you need to finish this first step by drying the car, including the top, thoroughly. Microfiber is the best choice.

It works best if you go through the washing process once a week. You can do a touch-up between washings using a detailer, which is a product that sprays on, releasing light dirt. They offer no protection, but they make the car look clean.


The next step is to inspect your car for signs of tree sap, pollen or bird droppings. Also look at below the surface problems like swirls, oxidation or etching. Oxidation happens from the sun, a result of ultraviolet radiation. Any etching is the result of acid rain.

Do a touch test. Sweep your hand, held flat, along the paint’s surface. It should feel smooth like glass. If it doesn’t then you are dealing with contaminants above the surface of the paint.

This is when you use a clay bar made specially for cars. It is just mildly abrasive, enough to take off the contaminants. Try this first by rubbing the area, kneading and turning the clay bar to use a clean area when other spots get dirty.

For problems below the surface, you also need a mild abrasive cleaner. Apply it with circular strokes that overlap, using a microfiber towel or an applicator pad. Use light pressure for best results.

Be sure to do just one section at a time. Take off the cleaner residue use a microfiber towel folded over into quarters. One side is use to wipe away haze from the product. Flip to another side to get rid of additional residue. At this point your car’s surface should be defect-free, no more swirls or tiny bumps.

When you first do your inspection for bumps, swirls and other defects, if you don’t find any, you can skip the step described above. Instead, move directly to the waxing and polishing. For most cars, a clay bar is necessary at least twice a year.


Polishes and glazes are both good products for your car, but their job is not to protect the surface. They add gloss and luster. Since they are not protectors, you can actually skip the step of polishing.

Most cars with a clear coat finish resist oxidation quite well and even cars that are quite old look shiny. But if you want to maintain the highest level of reflectivity and shine to your car’s surface, then polishing is a necessary step. It can help to restore and maintain the natural oils that the paint originally had. In fact, most owners would be well advised to use one at least once a year.

Darker colors are the ones that usually need this the most because white, tan and silver, and other light colors don’t show change often. On the other hand, if your car is deep blue, burgundy or black, polishing will get it to reflect light just like a mirror.

Apply the polish by rubbing with a mitt by hand in small strokes that are circular and overlapping. Use a microfiber towel or foam applicator pad and do just a single section at a time. Take off the polish with microfiber after the polish gets hazy looking. Never let polish try totally. If you try to get it off after it has dried, you will scratch the surface.


Your car’s surface needs protection. This means waxing it regularly, at least every three months. Some waxes are made to be applied more often than that.

Synthetic polymer-based wax gives your car surface coating that protects for a long time. These types of waxes are easier to use, even in the sun, much less of a problem than carnauba-based wax.

A liquid or paste wax will last for three to four months if you store your car in the garage or if it isn’t out in the elements if you live in a harsh environment.

The same movements work best for waxing too—small motions of the hand that are circular and overlapping. Use microfiber or foam applicator pads, doing just a single section at one time. Get rid of the wax with a microfiber towel that is folded in quarter, using one side to break up the waxy coating and then switching to the other side of the towel to get rid of any residue that is left.

Spray waxes are quick but tend to be ineffective. The protection doesn’t last as long. They do work as a booster step between your three or four month wax application. Spray waxes can be used as often as twice a week, though check the product recommendations. Some say they should be used no more than once a month.


Don’t apply anything beyond simple washing if your car has a matte surface. Matte paints can be effectively cleaned at brushless automated car washes as long as the system doesn’t add in shine agents. You do need to get rid of bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants as quickly as possible.


Specialized Services

Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coating creates a protective layer that bonds to any surface of your vehicle, sealing all the pores on a microscopic level that lasts for years. We apply ceramic coating to exterior paint, wheels and leather. The ceramic coating significantly hardens the clear coat of your vehicle to protect it from scratches and rock chips while you drive. When applied to leather, it prevents stains and scratches from ruining your interior. 

It also creates a smooth surface that repels water, and contaminants keeping your car cleaner, for long periods of time. And when it's time to clean the exterior of your vehicle, just spray it down with water - that's it! For leather, just wipe down.

How we do it?

To apply our ceramic coating, we begin by detailing the exterior of your vehicle. We polish every panel to ensure a clean exterior prior to applying the ceramic coating. Once applied, the coating requires a curing time for every panel of the vehicle with our specialized heat lamp. 

This process takes up to 24 hours to complete.


     starting at $450


Paint Reconditioning

If the paint on your vehicle is looking old, and dull, through our refinishing system we can restore your vehicle's finish to factory conditions! Using industry leading techniques and tools, we can transform the look of your car.

How do we do it?

We begin by detailing the exterior of your vehicle, removing dirt, debris, previous products such as waxes and car care products. We clay-bar your vehicle to remove all debris, contamination and tar that get picked up as you drive. 

The last step is to apply the paint reconditioning products we use that will blend with the finish of your car. We finish by curing the new coat with a specialized heat lamp.

This process takes up to 48 hours to complete. 


     starting at $650



Regularly wiping and rubbing might seem bad in the long term for the health of your car’s surface, but actually it can add years to its lifespan.

Washing and waxing maintains the paint when you do it using products that are made for the job and you do the chores in the right order.

Since the mid-90s, cars have been made with clear-coat finishes on their paint jobs.

Standard brands of car washing cleaners, waxes and all types of detailing products are made to nourish and protect these clear coats.

They get rid of dirt both on top of and below the surface of the paint. They can remove swirls and many other types of imperfections and the result is a glossy shine on your car.

You don’t have to do every cleaning job each time you work on your car. Some are best done weekly, like washing, but others can be spaced out, becoming monthly, seasonal or annual chores.

To keep the surface looking its best, there is a set of best practices to follow when working on your car.

Eco Car Care takes pride in our car washing and auto detailing services, and we use steam car washing for eco-friendliness.