Stain Removal

Stain Removal

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Have a pesky stain that bothers you? We can treat an individual stain in a 1 x 1 foot area powered by our unique steam technology.

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Have a pesky stain starring back at you?

We can clean the following stains in this service:

1. Coffee Spills
2. Milk Spills
3. Food Stains
4. Water Stains
5. Beverage Spills
6. Dirt/Mud Stains

*This service does not guarantee the removal of all stains. Additional treatment may be required in certain circumstances. Consult with our staff when checking in.

Exclusions apply to the following stains:

1. Urine and feces stains
2. Vomit Stains
3. Blood Stains
4. Chemical Stains
5. Some Beauty Product Stains